The Pineapple

For more than 50 years, the pineapple has been in Costa Rica one of the most important source of income for the agricultural sector. At the beginning all the production was destined for the national consumption as a fresh fruit and for elaboration of the juice, pulp and marmalade. The accumulated years of experience open the doors to new opportunities, and it is in the second stage of the 80’s when exports for the first time the variety known as Cayenna Lisa. Over the years and with the opening of new world markets, the Champaca variety is exported and for satisfaction of the most demanding consumers in 2001 the Golden quality is positioned as the preferred.

The good performance of the producers makes that from 2000 to the present time, the hectares destined for the activity will go from 11,000 to 38,000 and an approximate participation of 550 agricultural producers.

The Cassava

The current scientific name is Manihot and was developed by South American Indians. It has become a food of great importance for the world population, and is currently present in the diet of over 1 billion people in 100 countries.
In Costa Rica more than 300 hectares of cultivation of varieties Valencia and Mangi and is the most consumed tuber in the national territory.
At present the largest market for national production is the United States, however the European Union offers a window of new opportunities for our country.